About | Katrina Amante

Based in Los Angeles (and with Chicago roots), Katrina has been drawn to a variety of creative storytelling but grew to love photography in 2016. Over the years of photographing weddings, events and portraits...her favorite thing is to simply capture those moments of joy with the people you love most. She looks forward to help preserve your memories artfully and create work that brings you back to those good feelings!

That said...I'm sure you're wondering, what's the vibe?

  • For years, I was a dancer/choreographer...now I mostly "dance-skate" on quads.
  • I prefer quality time with a friend over a party.
  • I'm a newbie collector of vinyls.
  • Generally, give me all the music! (especially something with funk or soul).
  • It's true, I'm a basic oat latte loving gal (but make it blue bottle).
  • I'm a frequent explorer of cafe's and missed opportunist of yelping.
  • When I'm not editing photos, I'm editing & producing video for tv promos.
  • My go to karaoke song is "killing me softly" (but make it FuGees).
  • Fun fact: I started photography because I joined a photo connect group at church.