About | Katrina Amante

I live in Los Angeles and my hometown roots are from Chicago. I love and appreciate all kinds of creative platforms to tell a story, but especially grew to love visual story telling through photography staring in 2016. When I'm not taking photos, I might be roller skating by the beach, sipping an oat latte, exploring a hike with a friend or relaxing at home.

Whether it's photos for a wedding day, a memory with your furry child or a solo portrait session that marks a special season of life...I don't take lightly how valuable it is to document all the big and simple yet meaningful parts of your story. I know that these images only grow more treasured over the years and the experience you have tied to the moment matters.

My style as a photographer is laid back and aims to have a candid feel. I love the look of natural light, soft colors, and catching those in between moments during your session. Ultimately, my goal when shooting an image is to create work that excites, captures something beautifully genuine, tells a story and can always bring you back to a good memory or feeling!